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When I was 5 years old my picture of the Santa Maria, The Nina and the Pinta adorned the walls of primary two wall and I have been on a road ever since. I was the smartest boy at school. Too smart for school actually and was somewhat frustrated as a young kid. I should have got the DUX and instead I rebelled. I entered secondary school with knowledge of music and art but when I got to secondary school they taught me what I already knew in music. I could read and write as well as play many instruments but each time the teacher came in I'd be on the piano or the drums and was put outside the class. The same was happening in my art class. I left early during my prelim and was failed but the teacher said to me my work was O'Grade material. I rebelled more but in my rebellion I heard the Roland TB303 and as a 15 year old got into DJing and was a constant in my local area for around ten years. I had my sound and I had my technique but the local record store who I bought records from stated my work simply wasn't good enough so I stopped buying records from them then had an epiphany during watching two documentaries where I realized as an artist I was a film-maker and followed in the footsteps of Van Peebles and Kubrik. Peebles like me was black trash, I am white trash according to the system. Kubrik died on my birthday thus cementing my discourse and I started up StillMoving Image with the aim of changing the face of anything I get involved in. Natural Born Artist


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