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For most of my life, I had considered myself impervious to advertising. Billboards, TV commercials, magazine ads… nothing could hook me.

Yet all along I was getting e-mails and letters asking me to donate to worthy causes, sign up for life-changing online courses, and subscribe to informational newsletters.

And, guess what? I was saying yes time and time again to these offers, because in my mind, they weren’t ads! They were messages from people who knew me, who finally got me and what I was about, people who wanted me in their circle!

Only later did I discover the craft of direct response marketing. And just knowing how much it had transformed my life over the years, I knew I wanted a part of it.

When I read great copy, my pulse speeds up. I feel giddy with possibility. Like I can, once and for all, safely take a leap I had only dreamt of before.

When I write great copy, I get to literally translate a product into language. A very particular language that meets a buyer directly at their pain point and offers them a savior.

It’s a beautiful thing.

In fact, I credit direct response solicitation for launching my career in direct response! Thanks to the letters I received (sometimes multiple emails per day) from AWAI, where I got my initial training, I am doing what I love, helping business owners, from solo entrepreneurs to large companies, reach out and develop true connection with their customers and prospects.

I don’t rest until it happens. I don’t settle for adequacy in any area of my life,especially my work.

As a client, what you get is my best, guaranteed every time.
what i do

Simply put, I take your extraordinary product or service and translate it into clear copy that sings, inspires, connects and creates breakthroughs in sales.
how i do it

First, I dive deeply into your product. I learn it inside and out, up and down, front and back.

Creation story
and so much more...

(Ever seen a dog go after a bone? The commitment... thoroughness... painstaking attention to detail? I can relate.)

Then, we identify exactly who your likely buyers are and what drives them to spend their money. In doing so, I can pinpoint two critical things:

1) what makes you superior to your competitors (yes, there is definitely something)
2) what deep-seated need your product or service fulfills in the world.

I take that information and start writing – furiously. I walk away. I come back to it and pass my work through a series of rigorous tests. I polish until I know that what I am about to hand you is copywriting gold.

Throughout it all, I am in communication with you to make sure I’m heading in a direction that’s in sync with your product image and branding or your own personality.

Then, we release our creation into the world, introducing you as the solution your prospect has been searching for, and we start measuring the results of my work.
how my copy will get you what you want

The copy I develop for you will brand you as trustworthy, credible and likeable. My copy positions your product as the natural, no-brainer answer to a specific problem.

Your audience will, once and for all, get that you are offering them an opportunity unlike any other that will transform their life and give them something they deeply want. Finally!
how i choose clients

I require a few simple things of potential clients.

First, you must have a first-rate product. Sure, we can create a perceived need, but no copywriter, no matter how talented, can sell a product that just plain stinks. (Pardon my bluntness.)

Second, my client's products must not in any way harm people or animals.

Third, your company's operations must be ready to handle a spike in sales as a result of our work together.

And lastly, I ask you to commit to absolute integrity in our working relationship as well as in the copy we produce.


Julie Hassett's Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Fundraising Letters
  • Lead Generation
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters

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