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Creative Paradox Focused in Photography and Logo Design

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Trekking from the far reaches of this global industry you’ve somehow stumbled upon my capricious portfolio. I am the creative paradox, Brynna Raine Higgins, and with this page I hope to give new insights, awkward samples and interesting amalgamations of creativity and ideas. As a native to the world, I choose not to disclose my locality because I’m willing to travel to new challenges, and if not beckoned by one force or another I’m likely to find my own trouble in new and exciting places. I love to adventure; everywhere I go, I look for new ways of experiencing the world around me. I use my art to try to convey those perspectives to the rest of the world.

I learned how to read sheet music before I learned how to read English and I was naturally drawn to sound. Following this passion I learned a lot about myself and even more about communicating with others in a variety of different ways. This taught me that every passion should be pursued and that once something is learned it shouldn’t be forgotten: you never know when that knowledge can be reinterpreted or reconstituted for a fresh and amazing purpose. I try to take skills from every aspect of my training as well as odd hobbies and concepts to create innovative pieces that are fascinating yet accessible. I utilize my love of whimsy and the absurd to make and explore connections that are usually overlooked by the masses.

In technical terms: I graduated high school from a Visual and Performing Arts Academy in Virginia Beach, intensely studying flute performance and classical music. During this time I also found love in theatre, modeling, photography, fashion, and anything else I could potentially wrap my brain around. After graduating I decided that I wouldn’t truly flourish in a conservatory. These experiences also allowed me to realize that more people connect and understand visuals over their interpretation and comprehension of music. To bring my passion for sound and music to the world I needed to deduce the visuals it took to represent them. As a student at Arcadia University I was able to personally explore and uphold my passion for music. At the same time, I gained valuable knowledge about design and video in a communications framework that allowed me to express this love in a constructive manner. With select, inclusive programs at Arcadia University I was also permitted the opportunity to travel and study abroad , which I joyfully did for nearly two years. I gathered new information and skill that I could further implement in my work.

As a graduate from Arcadia, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Global Media with a concentration in Sound and Music accompanied by a minor in Studio Arts focusing in Photography, I can look at the world through fresh eyes and fortified skills, awaiting new adventures, quests, and obstacles. Now that your trek has led you here it’s apparent that you’re interested in adding to your team: everyone needs a creative paradox and adventuring parties are boring without bards, so reach out, say hello, and maybe the winds will lead me to you.


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