Noppol Pilukruangdet

Noppol Pilukruangdet - Freelancer

Senior Developer and CEO at Softever

  • Location Bangkok, Thailand
  • Local time Unknown
  • Experience Not specified

I'm a geek developer familiar with .NET technology, Windows Azure, PHP and other web technology with any database engine. I have 4 years experiences in video streaming on Automated Lecture Capture Solution (

Noppol Pilukruangdet's Skills

  • .net developer
  • web developer
  • web designer
  • android developer
  • windows phone developer
  • windows 8 developer
  • developer
  • video streaming
  • php developer

Noppol Pilukruangdet's Portfolio

Hire Noppol Pilukruangdet - Portfolio - Oliv on demand (Automated Lecture Capture)
Oliv on demand (Automated Lecture Capture)
Hire Noppol Pilukruangdet - Portfolio - Windows Azure Media Service SDK for PHP
Windows Azure Media Service SDK for PHP

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