Diane Pascual

Diane Pascual - Freelancer

Product Designer/ Illustrator

  • Location San Francisco, United States
  • Local time 05:39 PM
  • Experience 10 years

I am a creative and out of the box thinker. I am a designer + illustrator + story artist who works hard to achieve project goals in regards to client projects and in house projects. Great at assessing client needs and great at managing project timelines and schedules. Strengths in communication and communicating visual ideas to fit a brand. I find solutions to problems and great at facilitating projects from start to finish. Have a mix of corporate background experience as well as a client list of freelance work.

I'm focused on helping small businesses getting set up with their company by helping out with designing logos, branding, and helping them build their websites and having a social media presence online. I teach them the tools to help them manage their business from a marketing perspective.

I'm also building products online at www.society6.com/dianepascual and creating digital graphic design resources that I will be releasing soon.

If you want to inquire about working with me, you can get in touch through email prismlightstudios.la@gmail.com

Diane Pascual's Skills

  • Digital Painter
  • 2D Illustrator
  • Adobe CS6
  • Storyboards
  • Character Designer
  • Background Painter

Diane Pascual's Portfolio

Hire Diane Pascual - Portfolio - Northstar - Characters
Northstar - Characters
Hire Diane Pascual - Portfolio - The Great Temple
The Great Temple
Hire Diane Pascual - Portfolio - Caturday.
Hire Diane Pascual - Portfolio - Electric Fire
Electric Fire
Hire Diane Pascual - Portfolio - Sacha

Recommendations for Diane Pascual

Krista Bauman

Krista Bauman

Salesforce.com Analyst at World Education Services

I hired Diane to design a logo for a company project and she exceeded my expectations. Based on the concept I provided, Diane was able to create three very unique designs, one of which I accepted as the final version and still is the logo that represents my company. Great to work with and the results far exceeded my expecation.

Natacha Lavelanet Peña

Natacha Lavelanet Peña

Computer Technology Customer Messaging Manager

Diane is creative and thoughtful in her design approach. She really considers the purpose of the piece and develops collateral that is visually appealing but also appropriate for intended audience. The working environment was always light, creative and a productive when working on collaborative projects. If you want someone who has the ability to blow the box wide open or approach a project more traditionally, Diane is the designer you want.

Macoe Swett

Macoe Swett

Owner/Creative Director of Urban Legend Design and Faculty at The Art Institute

Diane was a great student to have! She is talented, friendly, engaged, helpful to others, and she takes critique well and gives good critiques also. I'm sure she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to with her skills and dedication.

Suzanne Lahl, MSOD

Suzanne Lahl, MSOD

Consultant and Co-founder SyncUp Leadership Group

Diane is the kind of professional you really like to do business with. She's responsible, creative and works hard to achieve your goals.

Moses DeJong

Moses DeJong

Mobile client/server architect at DeNA

I had great results working with Diane on an iPhone/iPad application called ColoringCows. The project was designed for children ages 4 to 6 and featured a number of cows that would be colored in on screen in a finger paint style. This project has a smallish budget and only 5 weeks to implement so quick results and iterating in just a few sprints was critical. Diane was able to produce quick results and adapt to feedback quickly so that the project could be delivered on time and on budget. In addition, the results looked great.

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