Michele B.

Michele B. - Freelancer

Virtual Assistant/Researcher/Proofreader

  • Location Crawfordville, United States
  • Local time Unknown
  • Experience Not specified

My professional experience includes more than 12 years of administrative support. The most recent “traditional” position held was as a Documentation Specialist for a Fortune 500 Company. During my tenure with the company, I was responsible for the system’s documentation and all deliverable documents.
My objective is to work in a situation that allows me some flexibility. I am
able to put in plenty of hours, but just need to be able to adjust sometimes
according to my schedule. I work extremely hard and diligently. I have a great
eye for detail and am a problem solver at heart. I have excellent customer
service skills and people skills as well. I am smart, can think on my own, and can work with very little (if not any) supervision.


Michele B.'s Skills

  • English Proofreading
  • English Spelling
  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Quality Assurance

Michele B.'s Portfolio

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Tallahassee Budget Travel Examiner

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