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  • Location Stranraer, United Kingdom
  • Local time 07:01 PM
  • Experience 8 years

I am a 30 year old web developer and dad of 2 from Scotland. I don't like the use the word expert, because everything is moving so fast, for example I once read a book learning Ruby on Rails and by the time I finished the book I just about had to start all over again because they brought out a new major version of Rails and so many conventions had changed.

But when it comes to PHP and Wordpress I have to consider myself an expert. I have been developing in PHP for 7 years and am well versed in all the latest advanced methods, I have built many successful API connections, both clients and servers, know all about namesspaces and use PDO for my database connections, all of course using OOP PHP :-).

But of course Wordpress takes away the need for a lot of that stuff, by providing classes and functions we can use to make our lives easier, but none of it is possible without a good grounding in PHP, in fact with a good grounding and knowledge of OOP PHP anything can be made possible in the world of Wordpress.

You can find my best and brightest work on my website at


Liam Bailey's Skills

  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • Javascript
  • html5
  • Woothemes
  • Sensei
  • WP Events Manager
  • WP Plugins
  • jQuery

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