J.T. Lindroos

J.T. Lindroos - Freelancer


  • Location New Albany, United States
  • Local time 09:40 AM
  • Experience 15 years

As a designer, I've most recently worked with eBook authors and publishers. I create most covers for the noted Scottish publisher, Blasted Heath,for the Florida based publishing house Down & Out Books, as well as the Irish publisher BeTimes Books. As a freelance artist I also work directly with dozens of authors, including many bestselling writers like James Oswald, Jeff Shelby, Laura Benedict and Declan Burke.

"I don't know anyone quicker, better or more open to ideas than him. And the thing of it is, I don't need to."
Ray Banks, author of the Cal Innes novels

"JT Lindroos is a top bloke and absolutely brilliant to work with. He was so enthusiastic about ...Go To Helena Handbasket and had so many great ideas. He came up with a cover design for the book and, after discussion, he then sent me another one...which made me cry. It was absolutely perfect. And that's the same with all the covers that he does - they really fit the books. He understands the books, he cares about them, and he sees things in a unique way."
Donna Moore, award winning author of Old Dogs

As a conceptual designer for Bruce Fox, Inc. I've also designed hundreds of awards, trophies and lobby installations for numerous Fortune 500 and other high profile companies like Lockheed-Martin, BET, Ernst & Young, AAA, NASCAR and many others.

I'm also familiar with all aspects of book publishing. I've acquired and negotiated the publication of several high profile projects with bestseller authors. I've edited award-winning novels for content and grammar.

"JT Lindroos launched my writing career. As the driving force behind PointBlank Press, he took on an unpublished nobody from Scotland who'd amassed literally hundreds of rejection slips, and risked his editorial ass on Two-Way Split…But he's also one of the best editors I've worked with. I learned more in that first edit from him than I'd learned in the previous half-a-dozen years." Allan Guthrie, award winning author of Slammer

J.T. Lindroos' Skills

  • Print Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Copy editor
  • Writer
  • Illustrator
  • Concept Design
  • Conceptual Designer
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Designer

J.T. Lindroos' Portfolio

Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Roger Corman Biography Cover
Roger Corman Biography Cover
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Barbara Stanwyck Magazine Illustration
Barbara Stanwyck Magazine Illustration
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Oil Painting
Oil Painting
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Big Adios Magazine Cover Illustration
Big Adios Magazine Cover Illustration
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Finnish Book Cover
Finnish Book Cover
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Jazz Mystery Book Series #1
Jazz Mystery Book Series #1
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Jazz Mystery Book Series #2
Jazz Mystery Book Series #2
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Portrait Illustration
Portrait Illustration
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Maritime Illustration
Maritime Illustration
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Self Help ebook cover.
Self Help ebook cover.
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Getting Ugly Book Cover
Getting Ugly Book Cover
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Landscape Oil Painting
Landscape Oil Painting
Hire J.T. Lindroos - Portfolio - Jeff Shelby Cover Art
Jeff Shelby Cover Art

Recommendations for J.T. Lindroos

Charles Kelly

Charles Kelly

writer at Legacy Preservation

JT published my novel PAY HERE through Point Blank Press. He is an incredibly fast and savvy editor and a brilliant book-cover designer who puts his whole heart and soul into his work. His ability to recruit top-notch hardboiled writers and nurture their work is amazing. He's a multi-talented person and a great guy to work with.

Luís Rodrigues

Luís Rodrigues

Full-Time Geek

JT is an inspiration. His jacket designs are absolutely stunning and he's an impeccable typesetter. Plus, he has great taste in books!

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