Felipe Escobar

Felipe Escobar - Freelancer

Art Director at Niebla Games

  • Location Valparaíso, Chile
  • Local time Unknown
  • Experience Not specified

Pre/High-school: Deutsche Schule Puerto Montt. German School.

Studies: Product Design, e.[ad], P.U.C.V.

Graduation: Memoire made with professor José A. Balcells Eyquem.
*Topic: Kinetic Sculpture.

Languages: Spanish, English, German.

Activities: Fencing, drawing, painting, friends.

Influences: Kekai Kotaki, Todd Lockwood, Brom, Anthony Jones.
Inspiration: music (Two Steps from Hell, Hans Zimmer, Mogwai, Caspian, Dimmu Borgir, Lustmord, Drudkh, Kampfar); book-reading (LOTR, Dune, Song of Ice and Fire, Millenium); movies (Mad Max, Alien, Blade Runner, Star Wars, LOTR, Cloud Atlas)


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Felipe Escobar's Portfolio

Hire Felipe Escobar - Portfolio - Scenery concept
Scenery concept
Hire Felipe Escobar - Portfolio - Orcs design concept
Orcs design concept
Hire Felipe Escobar - Portfolio - Sea monster
Sea monster
Hire Felipe Escobar - Portfolio - CopperBack Dragon
CopperBack Dragon
Hire Felipe Escobar - Portfolio - Star Wars fanart
Star Wars fanart

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