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B.Love Studios is operated by Brian Love, an award-winning designer and illustrator. He began drawing before reading; art is still his first language. His parents enrolled him in private painting lessons when he was seven. He walked through childhood transfixed at every turn by colors, shapes, letters and patterns.

Through a design style that combines mid-century geometry and order, witty charm and a modern digital approach, his work offers something both unexpected and familiar. He has worked with Great Arrow Graphics in developing nearly 200 card designs, winning the Louie Award for ‘Anniversary Card of the Year.’ In developing cards, gift wrap and related products for MOMA NY + Hallmark, Brian further realized his intention of connecting people around the world through his work.

His illustration walks the tightrope between the representational and the abstract - witty, whimsical, wonderful. His work has reached millions of homes across the world through multiple projects with Macy’s, including illustrated monthly mailers, gift cards + illustrating their revamped visitor website. Recently, he found new creative adventures in developing a series of Holiday Kleenex boxes for Target.

Drawing on his background in illustration, media arts, painting and art history, Brian's secret is combining different elements together to create a new whole. He works independently and in collaboration with advertising agencies, design firms, creative departments, small businesses and individuals. Through the unique dialogue of art and design, Brian will help you bring your vision to the world.

Originally from Philadelphia, he currently enjoys awesome weather, relaxed attitudes and good vibes in northern California. He is also a painter, clean freak, prankster and certified yoga teacher.


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