Kristoffer Nolgren

Kristoffer Nolgren - Freelancer

Front-end developer with a passion for UX

  • Location Stockholm, Sweden
  • Local time 11:10 AM
  • Experience Not specified

I'm a Front-End developer with a passion for UX, based in Stockholm. I have 6 years of experience as production manager and developer at
• Web-production-agency Hemliga Byrån
• Globally rewarded PR-agency Jung Relations
• Freelancing for clients like SVT, Coca Cola and Swedbank.

I believe firmly in increasing awesome and reducing suck. Climbing and snowboarding is nice to.

Kristoffer Nolgren's Skills

  • wordpress
  • javascript
  • sass
  • git
  • balsamiq
  • angular
  • heroku
  • frontend
  • css
  • html
  • github
  • simperium
  • bower
  • Facebook-api
  • goolge-maps
  • youtube-player-api
  • instagram-api
  • xml
  • xslt

Kristoffer Nolgren's Portfolio

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