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Hi! My name is Dyllan Hackett. I am a 20 year old Seattle, WA based designer.

I have been enrolled in the Multimedia Design and Production program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology for over a year and a half now. I taught myself quite a bit of Photoshop back when my brother installed it on my computer when I was in the 7th grade. Ever since then I have been so drawn to learn everything I can about Graphic Design, and along the way I've begun to get quite comfortable with Web Design as well.

I work with the Adobe CS6 creative suite, but I am very knowledgeable of the CS5 version as well. I do my personal work with Mac OSX but I am very comfortable working on Windows as well. I'm a very big fan of Illustrator and InDesign for most of my work. However, I love taking and editing my photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. I know how to do animation with Flash as well, although let me tell you I'm not a huge fan of it ;)

I am a very tall and pale person, but don't let that scare you away. I'm very sociable and friendly. I love meeting and learning from new people, since you can never really know enough tricks of the trade. I would like to be able to find a company that can allow me to bring my skills to the table and teach me a few things as well. I'm very reliable and know how to handle the stress of meeting a deadline, but I can definitely kick back and have some fun as well.


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