Robert Couto

Robert Couto - Freelancer

Product Photographer

  • Location Oakland, United States
  • Local time 04:48 AM
  • Experience 11 years

I'm a photographer and shoot director, specializing in product photography.

I am technically creative, obsessed with quality and focused on client design goals. I always work until both the client and I are happy with the results. I have very strong skills in lighting and in infrared, UV, alternate-spectrum, time-lapse, high-speed and motion-control photography.

The more complex the project, the better. My favorite kind of client call begins with the words "Would it be possible to...?". I often build equipment to solve project challenges. If I have plenty of time to dream about a project, I can usually not only solve its challenges but also come up with a smooth, painless approach.

When I am working as part of a group, people often peg me as "smart and confident". Maybe it's the gray hair or maybe people get this impression simply because I can focus on a few connected subjects for a very long time without getting bored.

I take great pride in my work, but I don't waste time admiring myself for it. I'm more a craftsman than an artist.

Robert Couto's Skills

  • Advertising Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Lighting

Robert Couto's Portfolio

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Nexus 7 Gamestop Ad
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Jawbone Jambox Wildposter, "The dock is Dead"
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Adobe CS6 Box Art
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Google Nexus 7 Lockup
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Google Nexus Q, Exploded view
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Characters Pitch
Hire Robert Couto - Portfolio - Google Nexus Q
Google Nexus Q

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