Sertac Mustafaoglu

Sertac Mustafaoglu - Freelancer

Creative Director / Freelance Designer

  • Location Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Local time Unknown
  • Experience Not specified

Interested in Freelance Projects, Creative Management, Urban Design, Street Furniture, 3D Modeling, Production, Graphic Design and Business Development.

I have studied Visual Communication Design and Visual Arts thus I had a chance to work on various branches of design including graphic, multimedia, brand and product.

Working on different areas of design, countries and markets pushed me to think out of box and provide creative solutions for graphic to industrial design for retail businesses, consumers, city people and local administrations as well.

Skills Summary:
• Multi Disciplinary Approach; Design, management, project development, marketing
• Analytical Thinker; Evaluating, planning, preparing every project individually
• Strong Customer Relationship; with exceptional communication skills
• Creative Concept Development; Directing design process and production/manufacturing

Sertac Mustafaoglu's Skills

  • Graphic Designer
  • Urban Designer
  • Street Furniture Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brochure Design
  • Layout Design
  • Namecard Design
  • Branding
  • Design Consultancy
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Rendering
  • Furniture Design
  • Retail Design
  • Booth Design
  • Unbounce-learner

Sertac Mustafaoglu's Portfolio

Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Logo
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Promotional Marketing Materials
Promotional Marketing Materials
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Brochure & Name Card Design
Brochure & Name Card Design
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Label Design
Label Design
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Backdrop Images
Backdrop Images
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - 3D Modeling and Planning for Exhibition Booth
3D Modeling and Planning for Exhibition Booth
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Exhibition Booth Design
Exhibition Booth Design
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Bus Shelter Designs
Bus Shelter Designs
Hire Sertac Mustafaoglu - Portfolio - Street / Urban Furniture Collection - Delhi, India
Street / Urban Furniture Collection - Delhi, India

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