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Hi, I’m Mohit.

I help businesses save time and money by helping them drive more traffic through high quality content.

I have been writing professionally for quite some time now (over 5 years) but before that, never had I imagined that I would be writing, let along getting paid for it.

So I am an engineer by profession and did my college from RMIT, Melbourne in Australia before moving to New York.

After graduating, I worked at a startup for a while before reaffirming what I had known all along; I was not meant to work under a boss.

The idea of being tied down to a job and place never resonated with me. I wanted to be free to go wherever I wanted to, free to do whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to.

And just at that very point in my life, I found that I can do just that with the help of writing.

Now how I got into writing is interesting. It so happened that since teenage, I had always been interested in gadgets, gizmos and computer games and at age 19, I wrote a detailed and extensive guide for a very popular video game. I did that just for kicks since I loved that game. But what I didn’t know was that I might get famous because of it.

The owner of a video game blog contacted me after reading my guide and offered to pay me if I wrote a similar guide for him for another game. What started as one guide, turned out to be continuous work and I was getting paid handsomely! Who was I to complain.

Slowly, other bloggers and companies too started contacting me for my writing services and that’s when I decided that I would write full-time and ditch my job. After all, I was making way more moonlighting as a freelance writer than in my day job.

Since then, I have written thousands of pieces of written content ranging from ebooks, guides, whitepapers, to blog posts, SEO articles , web copy and much more in a variety of domains.

Because of my freelance business, I have been able to travel to countries such as Australia, USA, Thailand, Singapore, France, Argentina and much more.

I love what I do and it gives me the freedom that I crave for.

Time and again, I have been told that I won’t be able to sustain my lifestyle and that I’ll have to get back to a 9-5 job again. But each of those times, I silenced my critics by proving them wrong.

Currently, I am based in New York, but I don’t know for how long I’ll be here before I embark on my next adventure.


Mohit Tater's Skills

  • wordpress
  • Copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Content writing
  • Seo content
  • Seo articles
  • content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Seo article
  • Blogging
  • Blog posts

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Why Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

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