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  • Location Pittsburgh, United States
  • Local time Unknown
  • Experience Not specified all starts in a lab - doesn't it?

A beaker-full of sass, a dollop of driven perseverance, a vial of incessant curiosity about all things, and mixed with a pinch of crazy - apply heat, a hearty slap on the bottom and a copywriter is born...

But that's just the beginning...

What's most important about these strange creatures is what they can do for YOU.

If you're looking to kill at the cash register - I have a current package running that's converting at a cool 13% with a 40% increase in per order value - HUGE!

Pair that with an email campaign that's just bagged a saucy 9.5% conversion rate and I think you understand what I'm talking about.

Can I do the same for you?

You bet.

We just have to make sure we qualify each other...I mean, I don't know anything about pets.

No interest.

So I wouldn't be qualified to write copy for anything pet related.

Pretty simple, huh?

Now tell me - what's your business?


Jeff Saunders' Skills

  • Ad copy
  • Auto Responders
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • VSL scripts
  • Radio spots
  • Jingles
  • Sales letters
  • Banner ads
  • Headlines
  • Subject lines

Jeff Saunders' Portfolio

Hire Jeff Saunders - Portfolio - A Smattering of Me
A Smattering of Me

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