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Why A/B Test?
Optimizing your conversion rate creates a compounding increase on the percentage of visitors deciding to trade their money for your solution. Getting a 5% lift in conversions from a single test gives you that same 5% for several months to come.

I’m disappointed if a test just increases lift 5%. One of our e-commerce clients saw a 33% lift in revenue from a new navigation structured around the customer’s device type instead of the clients product collections.

A test that took 12 days to run grew revenue by 33%!

One of our SaaS clients saw a 38% increase in signups from a homepage overhaul.

How does it work?
We will help you by: strategically deciding what needs to be tested, implementing the test, QA’ing the test, then launching and monitoring it as it progresses. We’ll have a conference call at appropriate times to discuss results and planning for the next test.

Not all testing produces gains in your conversions. Sometimes a test will cause a dip in revenue or signups. We learn from those tests too. Then we move on and test again based on what we’ve learned.

What is it going to cost?
We will do a full Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis of your site delivered in a report with clear action items you should change now and clearly defined tests we'll be happy to run for you, or you can go and run yourself. We'll deliver the report and schedule a one hour phone call to go over any questions you have and to discuss how to prioritize the tests. The CRO Analysis takes about two weeks to produce and runs $1,000.

If you would like us to conduct the testing for you, we'll run it from start to finish for $500 per test. We've found it easier to let clients go as fast or slow as they want. So we charge a flat rate per test. Some clients have enough conversions they can run three or four tests a week while others can only run one or two tests over a 4 to 8 week period.

We ask for a two test commitment because the first test actually includes an A/A test to be sure we've instrumented the goals properly and tracking is working as expected. After we confirm the A/A is running correctly we implement, QA, and send you the approval email to begin the first A/B test.

We'll monitor the results of each test and report the results once the test has either reached a state where it can be concluded or is apparent the changes are not having a positive effect.

The only thing you'll need to take care of is signing up for an Optimizely account and having their small script installed on your site. We highly recommend also signing up for and installing CrazyEgg.

If you're ready to get started contact me through oDesk or setup a time to visit via phone or Skype through my open calendar:

Who are we?
I’m Brian Schmitt. I began learning about Conversion Optimization from Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg in 2001 when they taught a Wizards of Web course in Austin, Texas. I’ve been learning and applying the principles of Conversion Optimization and persuasion ever since. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida.

My partner in crime is Chris Neumann. Chris has 16 years of experience in marketing and startups. Including a $5MM exit in 2004. Chris lives in San Francisco and has been instrumental in the success of multiple startups.

Our client roster includes: 99designs, Adobe, BioLite Stove, DialMyCalls, Extole, Facebook, Fuze, Gobbler, JobScore, Schedulicity, Spartan Race, Stella & Dot, Thomson Safaris, Trulia, Tuft & Needle, UnSeat.Me., and more.

Brian Schmitt's Skills

  • CRO
  • User Testing
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Optimizely
  • Axure
  • Google Analytics
  • e-commerce
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Must Have Use Case
  • CRO Practitioner Crt

Brian Schmitt's Portfolio

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