João Dias

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  • Location São João da Madeira, Portugal
  • Local time Unknown
  • Experience Not specified

João Dias is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who works across multiple mediums; from visual arts to digital arts such as: 3D, sculpture, pencil drawing, digital painting, animation and video.

Always looking to find harmony and complementation between these audiovisual media, the motivation is to create.

As a team member, his career has comprised of volunteer, collaborative, personal and professional projects using his skills of easy adaptation and fast learning techniques in any art branch.

After a few years as a freelancer in Lisbon in 2009, he returns to Caldas da Rainha to attend the Degree in Sound and Image. João Dias actively seeks new projects, and attempts to integrate into an ambitions and creative team in São João da Madeira, where he currently resides. Available as a freelancer and maybe something else.

"The pencil, the black pen, some paper and one computer are my tools. In my projects, layers of different techniques are deliberate and topics are random. Each work is a survey, an incentive, a breakthrough in learning where new ideas and techniques emerge every step. "

João Dias' Skills

  • animation
  • 3d
  • illustration
  • video
  • audio
  • web

João Dias' Portfolio

Hire João Dias - Portfolio - lowpoly art
lowpoly art
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - Lowpoly Apple
Lowpoly Apple
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - Ballons and Mountains
Ballons and Mountains
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - 3D vehicle
3D vehicle
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - rainbows and moons
rainbows and moons
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - underwater balance
underwater balance
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - monkey goes bananas
monkey goes bananas
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - TAT
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - Puf
Hire João Dias - Portfolio - catterpum

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