Mikael Östberg

Mikael Östberg - Freelancer


  • Location Stockholm, Sweden
  • Local time 01:07 AM
  • Experience 16 years

Designing and developing on the .NET Platform using test driven and agile methodologies. Skills include front end development and creation of rich and functional user experiences the latest and greatest Javascript frameworks.

Occasional Speaker at user groups and conferences. I have held sessions about RavenDb, CQRS with Event Sourcing and client beauty with Knockout and Angular.


Mikael Östberg's Skills

  • Team lead
  • Product development
  • Back-end Developer
  • Front-end Developer

Mikael Östberg's Portfolio

Mikael does not have any portfolio items yet.

Recommendations for Mikael Östberg

Johan Ydring

Johan Ydring

Head of Media at TUI Nordic

Mikael is a highly skilled developer with strong social skills. I've had the pleasure of working with him in several projects and he always produces beyond expectation!

Gunnar Alaeus

Gunnar Alaeus

Project Manager at H&M

I found Mikael to be a highly responsive and knowledgeable colleague. Mikael is logic, have very high skills in programming, strong in relations with members in the development team and delivers great solutions to the requirements. In addition he is friendly and able to fit in with colleagues and co-workers creating a positive team environment at work, always willing to give a helping hand and professional advice. On top of this he has humor that makes work a pleasure.

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