Markus Norsted

Markus Norsted - Freelancer

Ux- & Visual creator at Blacktip

  • Location Stockholm, Sweden
  • Local time 01:35 PM
  • Experience 23 years

Markus Norsted – a swedish creator with an education as mechanical engineer & technical illustration – started Blacktip AB in 2011. The core offer lies within both UX-design as well as visual design, and Blacktip can deliver the best of both worlds. Markus has worked as an Art Director/Design Director for many years at various agencies, but has always had a keen interest for making the service as easy to use as possible. Should you just want UX-help with the end delivery in the form of wireframes and/or clickable prototypes, Markus can deliver that. Looking for great visual adaptations in form of UI-design and/or complex mockups? No problem. Are you looking for a designer that can hand off Sketch-files? Great. Or just the plain good-ol' Photoshop? Sure, we've got you covered. Markus does not deliver any code, but thinks of himself as being aware of what can be achieved from a technical standpoint.

Markus also has an interest in creating electronic music, taking photographs and all that other stuff that creatives seem to do.



Markus Norsted's Skills

  • Ux-design
  • Visual design
  • Brand management
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Axure
  • OmniGraffle
  • Swedish
  • English
  • Sketch
  • Principle

Markus Norsted's Portfolio

Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - iZettle
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Löneratorn for Unionen
Löneratorn for Unionen
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Gant
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Arlanda
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Bellitalia
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Mike Caroll
Mike Caroll
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Mixed illustrations
Mixed illustrations
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - KeyPoint Intranet
KeyPoint Intranet
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Skatteanalys
Hire Markus Norsted - Portfolio - Helvetica

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