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My name is gregory tomlinson. I am a freelance JavaScript developer with over a decade professional experience writing JS. I started writing JS in 1998.

In addition to many years spent building front end applications, I also have experience building complex applications using expressJS, MongoDB, NodeJS, as well as BackboneJS.

A quick background
I've been freelancing for the last two years. Some of my current clients include betaworks, Giphy,, Hiho Batik and Sesame Street Workshop. Previously, I was the lead front end engineer at bitly.

At bitly, I wrote the bitly chrome extension, as well as the bitly website and many special projects - like (now shuttered). Prior to bitly I worked for corporate America building large, scaled publishing systems.

In April of 2014, I spent a few weeks working on a wrapper library for a 3rd party API written using ES Harmony. Here is a quick blog post on the subject.

Publicly Announced Projects/Samples
1. Giphy Chrome Extension
2. Giphy Memory Game
3. Alphaworks
4. bitly
5. bitly Chrome Extension
6. FreshBooks JS

Project Links

You can find a bit more about me on my medium blog.

Additional links

-gregory tomlinson

Gregory Tomlinson's Skills

  • javascript
  • python
  • corona-sdk
  • lua
  • backbonejs
  • jquery
  • design

Gregory Tomlinson's Portfolio

Hire Gregory Tomlinson - Portfolio - Giphy Chrome Extension
Giphy Chrome Extension
Hire Gregory Tomlinson - Portfolio - Giphy API Documentation
Giphy API Documentation
Hire Gregory Tomlinson - Portfolio - Giphy Memory Game
Giphy Memory Game

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