Peter Puklus

Peter Puklus - Freelancer

Lead Designer at YourPrezi

  • Location Budapest, Hungary
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Hi, I am the Lead Designer at YourPrezi, an independent visual communication and consultancy company specialized in creating custom Prezi designs and templates.

Our desire is to create second to none presentations. Our colleagues are competent at Prezi, creative and management advisory.

Prezi is great at impressing your audience. We are convinced that with Prezi cinematography has been introduced in story telling. By the time you become an advanced user, a Hollywood director of Prezi we can do the backstage work for you. While you are focusing on the content we create a great Prezi that will a) save you time b) help you focus on your audience’s experience.

Since 2009 our professionals have worked for the most admired TED and WEF speakers. We have prepared their supporting presentations in Prezi. Our head designer, Peter Puklus is a Prezi Expert (, they are the ones who “encourage beauty in addition to functionality” according to Prezi’s introduction. There is a chance you have already used one of our built in templates in Prezi.

Peter Puklus' Skills

  • Prezi
  • Custom Prezi Design
  • Prezi Template
  • Prezi Expert

Peter Puklus' Portfolio

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