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My work is inspired by the world that surrounds me: different cultures, literature, events that has taken place in history, current events, and self-growth as an artist. And also the role models in my life: parents, certain teachers/professors, and other artists. Everything about my artwork makes me realize who I am, who I was, and who I would like to become. I do not produce art about one subject. I like to keep an open mind and therefore I like my art to be open and not prone to one subject or another. I am a visionary person; I always keep a composition book for ideas, 8½ x 11 papers for drawing, and sometimes I use my composition book as a sketchbook.

Growing up as a child I realized being an artist doesn't come with an enchiridia; it's about dedication toward self-growth, responsibilities, and a drive of passion for art. My father's artistic abilities were an armamentarium for my creativity. My art is used to express an interpretation of the world around me: political and cultural issues, self-expression, environment, stories to tell, and the consequences certain things have on nature. Through art I like that I can tell stories of others and seeing the world through their eyes. We all have a passage in time; every human being has a story to tell even though each individual story may not be heard it feels great to know that I can tell some of those stories throughout my career as an artist. Whether its through photography, writing, graphic design, drawing, etc.

My work as an artist will always develop over time. But I will never explain a certain piece of work – if I do a work of art a certain way and the outcome is what I wanted it to be – I hope it can speak for itself and whatever its perception says to the viewer – because there is not a wrong or right message. We all see things differently and if each person who views my art gets something valuable from the same art work then I am contented with just that.

Deneshia L. Bryant


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  • Graphic Design
  • Photographer
  • Creative Writer
  • Drawing
  • Advertising/PR

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