Josef Richter

Josef Richter - Freelancer

mobile ux/ui designer

  • Location Vienna, Austria
  • Local time 01:27 AM
  • Experience 7 years

I focus on functional and simple designs. I dislike unnecessary clicks and cluttered UI as much as you do and I keep fighting against them :-) I don't like overanalysis in UX because it often slows down the process and drives up costs.

I've worked with startups in San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin and many other major cities around the world. So I'm very much used to work both remotely and locally with very diverse teams in very diverse conditions. I have YCombinator experience too which was very surprising, revealing and invaluable.

I have very good knowledge of development technologies, so I know pretty well what is doable and what is not, how demanding each feature is and I can communicate absolutely seamlessly with developers – that's a typical friction point in many projects where designers and developers can't speak the same language.

Josef Richter's Skills

  • iphone
  • ux
  • ui
  • ipad
  • ios
  • android
  • google glass
  • photoshop
  • sketch
  • Interaction Designer (UX)
  • User Interface Designer (UI)

Josef Richter's Portfolio

Hire Josef Richter - Portfolio - iPutzFrau
Hire Josef Richter - Portfolio - Lugner Kino
Lugner Kino
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Optics app
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Google Glass scanner app
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blood sugar level app
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zodiac love app
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le figaro mobile website
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Blood pressure iPhone app
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Orankl website
Hire Josef Richter - Portfolio - Zodiac matcher app
Zodiac matcher app
Hire Josef Richter - Portfolio - Beak app icon
Beak app icon
Hire Josef Richter - Portfolio - Beak app screens
Beak app screens

Recommendations for Josef Richter

Peter Ferrigno

Peter Ferrigno

Managing Partner at Ferrigno Limited employee mobility advisory consultants; Team Principal at Atom Cup

Josef contributed in his own unique way to our tax department, by taking additional time to work on our tax technology applications just because it interested him. His ability to combine an understanding of the tax system with how to use IT made him a really useful member of the team when it came to reflecting the tax law changes into the calculation software. He was also fun to work with, which always helps too.

Matej Jambrich

Matej Jambrich

Executive Director - IT Business Relationship Management

Josef is a perfect example of aligning a complex world of technology with even more complicated world of Tax consulting. His background, analytical skills, domain expertize and experience allow him to propose and design friendly solutions and systems which deliver true value and address real functional problems. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with Josef.

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