Rajesh Satyarthi

Rajesh Satyarthi - Freelancer

UI + Responsive Front End = WeAreUnicorn.com

  • Location Jabalpur, India
  • Local time 08:19 AM
  • Experience 9 years

A team of 2 Designer+Developer we provide Awesome UX+UI Design + Responsive Front End Code for clients.

Our websites helps clients:
+ Establish Credibility (outstanding branding)
+ Higher User Engagement (research led design decisions)
+ Be Everywhere (mobile, tablet ready code)

At the fraction of combined cost of a Designer and a Developer WeAreUnicorn.com is your best option.

Rajesh Satyarthi's Skills

  • webdesign
  • responsive website
  • foundation expert
  • CRO
  • landing page design
  • ui design
  • ux
  • user expereince
  • user interface
  • wordpress website
  • html5
  • css3
  • jquery
  • zurb foundation
  • front end developer
  • ui designer
  • ux ui design
  • website design
  • Interaction Designer (UX)
  • User Interface Designer (UI)

Rajesh Satyarthi's Portfolio

Hire Rajesh Satyarthi - Portfolio - Web Design for Corporate Education
Web Design for Corporate Education
Hire Rajesh Satyarthi - Portfolio - Video Website for upcoming News Channel in France
Video Website for upcoming News Channel in France
Hire Rajesh Satyarthi - Portfolio - Mobile Ready Landing Page for Lead Generation
Mobile Ready Landing Page for Lead Generation
Hire Rajesh Satyarthi - Portfolio - Responsive Landing Page Design for Steel Shed Biz
Responsive Landing Page Design for Steel Shed Biz

Recommendations for Rajesh Satyarthi

Ravi Bhushan

Ravi Bhushan

VP Business Development at Spuul

Found Rajesh online via his website and I really like his portfolio. Decided to drop him a mail and since he seemed rather reasonable, we decided to give him a project. Rajesh delivered an excellent project, which resulted in us giving him a couple more. If you want great web design work with bang for your buck, he's your man.

Rene Seidel

Rene Seidel

Fachbereichsleiter Sprachen bei Volkshochschule Dreländereck

It was very pleasant to work with Rajesh. He tries to understand the story behind a company and/or logo before starting the actual work. This is a very professional approach which, combined with his creativity in this field, got us a result that was way better than what we expected. I can highly recommend working with Rajesh.

Emmanuel Dubuc

Emmanuel Dubuc

CTO at Oumma Media

Rajesh is an outstanding webdesigner, especially experienced with flat design and wonderful UX

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