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Internet Marketing, SEO Consultant & Expert Web Developer

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While I do have a preferred tool-set, I can adapt to new environments fast, onsite or off. Team or Solo, SMB or Enterprise. I can accept surprises, enjoy exploring alternative solutions where required, accept new roles while retaining a calm - confident composure even under increasing pressure and I take pride in demonstrating this flexibility real-time!

Primarily (by popular demand) a LAMP/Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql & HTML5 Developer and IT Business Consultant.

I have also worked with, studied (still do) other programming languages, programming constructs and technologies. Well versed in many c-style languages including Perl, Python, Java and Ruby.

Linux System Administrator.

Senior Drupal Developer & Enthusiast, Acquia Drupal Business Partner, Drupal.org Contributor and Drupalcon Attendee. Expert Level Wordpress and Joomla Developer.

Databases: DB2, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL.

I love Git but I can also work with SVN for code management.

IDEs: Dreamweaver, PhpStorm, Netbeans, Eclipse and Aptana Studio.

Frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, Aranea, .NET, Monorail and Django.

OS Environment: Linux/Unix-like BSD Environment (Ubuntu for development server, some programming & BackTrack Linux to aid with security audits/pentesting). Windows 7 (for everyday office use, Graphics Design and applications like Adobe Creative Suite, general Word Processing, Sketching, Wire-framing, Quality Assurance Processes etc).

I'm an avid Information Technology & Social Media Enthusiast, Web Developer and Consultant. By no means am I a jack of all trades, the reason for this skill-set is simple: I enjoy developing successful business models for applications/websites, coding them, writing the content for them and promoting them with SEO and Social Media Marketing (both of which require my strong analytical and writing skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends). And as a Consultant and Developer there are plenty of times that I stray from this skill set, when opportunity comes knocking, to that of a Full Stack Engineer.

Follow and study Google algorithm changes (ex. Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin) and other Search Engine Trends.
As a consultant I base my evaluation of a site on a number of major factors (in no specific order): Code, Domain, Page level, Site level, Back-links, User Interaction, Google's own Algorithm Rules, Social, Brand, Onsite Content, Off-site Spam. I have evaluated and optimized sites that were "optimized perfectly" before an update was pushed and suddenly dropped by a couple of pages! Or were penalized for malpractices. There are other search engines out there and I'm an expert on the topic, but if it's good enough for the big G, its good enough for the rest of them.

I've been working freelance for 6 years, started of part-time and then realized that I had a loyal client base that appreciated my work, the potential & drive to succeed in an ever-adapting, highly competitive industry and was earning enough to make the transition to a full-time freelancer.

I started my career in the customer service field and still enjoy helping customers, building rapport with them and even selling meaningful, truly innovative products. This particular skill instills a sense of security in the minds of the people I work with. For me (and this may sound generic) real-time, concise communication and reporting is key and never goes unnoticed no matter what the task may be.

I am also the co-founder of a small business, where we help business of all sizes embrace the latest technology trends, increase revenue, market their products/services to a wider audience (to put it simply) and manage their infrastructure. This allows me to have my own office, all the latest hardware and software and the peace of mind required to meet expectations, adhere to deadlines and generally be more productive.


Edward Franklin's Skills

  • php
  • drupal
  • linux
  • technical writing
  • Startup Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO
  • Web Development

Edward Franklin's Portfolio

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